In 2013 I realized that my kids would soon be off to college and I needed a hobby to occupy my empty-nester time. I’d always liked vegetable gardening, but was never able to grow anything well. I blamed our neighbor’s large redwood tree, but there were probably lots of other factors. I often saw beautiful and clean lettuce in clamshells at the grocery store and learned that these were grown hydroponically. So that was my start.

It took about a year of learning about hydroponics and looking at hundreds of greenhouses. I had a greenhouse designed and built out of beautiful cedar. Then I started exploring different types of hydroponic systems. This hobby has grown and after 3 years I continue to learn more.

People often ask what I do with all of the lettuce and vegetables I grow. I have lots of neighbors that get fresh greens weekly. And anyone who drops by our house usually leaves with a bag of lettuce!

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